Dr. Bob Intensive

https://fetlife.com/users/1545238April 29th-30th 2017  Salt Lake City, UT - Register Now

We a pleased to present this intensive hosted at The Clubhouse

Robert ​J. ​Rubel, ​Ph.D. ​(Dr. ​Bob), ​author, ​educator ​and ​photographer ​is ​an ​educational ​sociologist ​and ​researcher ​by ​training. ​ ​He ​currently ​has ​eleven ​books ​in ​print ​and ​two ​DVDs ​(Books: ​five ​on ​Master/slave ​topics, ​two ​on ​advanced ​sex ​techniques, ​one ​on ​fire ​play, ​and ​three ​erotic ​art ​photo ​books. ​ ​Additionally, ​he ​has ​produced ​two ​educational ​DVDs: ​one ​on ​fire ​play ​and ​one ​on ​beginning ​impact ​play). 

Dr. ​Bob ​is ​the ​Series ​Editor ​of ​Power ​Exchange ​Books' ​Resource ​Series ​(the ​successor ​to ​Power ​Exchange ​Magazine). ​This ​is ​a ​series ​of ​books ​that ​are ​collections ​of ​highly ​focused ​essays ​that ​cover ​a ​wide ​range ​of ​special ​topics ​within ​the ​larger ​field ​of ​BDSM. 

Recipient ​of ​the ​2008 ​Pantheon ​of ​Leather's ​Community ​Choice ​Award ​(man), ​Dr. ​Bob ​has ​been ​involved ​in ​the ​BDSM ​and ​total ​power ​exchange ​(TPE) ​scene ​since ​the ​summer ​of ​2001, ​throwing ​himself ​into ​the ​literature ​of ​the ​field ​as ​though ​it ​were ​an ​academic ​study. ​He ​presents, ​judges, ​and ​sells ​his ​books ​at ​weekend ​kink ​conferences ​throughout ​the ​year. 

M ​Jen ​Fairfield ​(Jen) ​has ​extensive ​experience ​managing ​authority-imbalanced ​relationships. ​ ​Her ​D/s ​experience ​began ​in ​1992 ​as ​she ​dipped ​her ​toe ​in ​the ​water ​with ​a ​nurturing ​Mommy/boy ​relationship. ​ ​Seeking ​more ​control ​than ​the ​Mommy/boy ​relationship ​could ​offer, ​Jen ​ended ​that ​relationship ​after ​one ​year ​and ​- ​following ​a ​year ​of ​introspection ​and ​personal ​clarification ​- ​entered ​a ​full-blown ​D/s ​relationship ​that ​she ​ran ​for ​another ​16 ​years. 

Jen ​found ​her ​home ​in ​the ​Leather ​culture ​in ​the ​fall ​of ​2010 ​and ​has ​embraced ​her ​calling ​as ​a ​Leather ​woman ​- ​to ​live ​a ​highly ​focused ​life ​with ​a ​partner ​(or ​partners) ​who ​are ​willing ​to ​hold ​themselves ​to ​exacting ​moral ​and ​ethical ​standards. 

Having ​worked ​with ​Dr. ​Bob ​over ​the ​last ​several ​years ​both ​with ​his ​presentations ​and ​his ​writings, ​Jen ​now ​presents ​on ​her ​own. ​A ​voracious ​reader ​gifted ​with ​a ​powerful ​memory, ​Jen ​brings ​a ​wide ​range ​of ​insights ​and ​humor ​to ​any ​discussion. 

Day ​1 
9:00 ​AM ​– ​10:30 ​AM: ​Let's ​Think ​this ​Through! 
10:45 ​AM ​– ​12:15 ​PM: ​Stabilizing ​Relationships 
1:30 ​PM ​– ​3:00 ​PM: ​Leather ​vs ​BDSM ​in ​Master/slave ​Structures ​important ​Differences 
3:15 ​PM ​– ​4:45 ​PM: ​Formal ​Etiquette: ​How ​to ​Navigate ​a ​High ​Protocol ​Evening 

8:00 ​PM ​- ​2:00 ​AM: ​Play ​Party ​Entry ​Included 

Day ​2 
9:00 ​AM ​– ​10:30 ​AM: ​Using ​Protocols ​to ​Make ​your ​World ​Special 
10:45 ​AM ​– ​12:15 ​PM: ​Building ​your ​Scene ​with ​Impact ​Play 
1:30 ​PM ​- ​ ​3:00 ​PM: ​Master/slave ​Mastery 

Early Bird Pricing ($70) is available until March 15th
Standard Pricing ($80) March 16th-April 15th
Late Pricing ($95) April 16th-April 28th

The Play Party:  April 29th  (Entrance included for registered attendees of the Intensive)